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We are a group of people petitioning sponsors, advertisers and shareholders to get Kyle off the radio and TV due to his disgusting comments. Contact us at sack_vile_kyle@hotmail.com

Friday, January 20, 2012

Media Statement 20th Jan 2012

Following a headline article in Sydney’s Morning Herald newspaper SACK VILE KYLE has received an overwhelming number of requests from people wanting to join our Facebook page and our campaign to help bring Kyle Sandiiland’s employment with 2DayFm and Southern Cross Austereo to a close. We have had several media reporters contact us from local newspapers to current affairs programs all wanting to know about us and our ongoing campaign.

We are a small group who has had some impact so far, and although we are happy to speak to the media, we are not interested in making a name for ourselves as a result of this campaign. Membership numbers have virtually doubled, going from 60 to over 140 in a matter of hours. The response has been astounding. We are both overwhelmed and elated at the number of people who have shown interest in coming on board and helping us with the task at hand.
We wish to thank everyone for their comments, requests and welcome them as part of our team. However we need to remind everyone, media reporters and members alike that here at SACK VILE KYLE we will not tolerate anyone who makes derogatory comments against anyone else. We also take no responsibility for anyone’s actions outside the SACK VILE KYLE facebook page and/or any misrepresentation of our group or inappropriate comments posted on other sites (in particular to sponsors of SCA) without our knowledge and consent.

As administrators of this SACK VILE KYLE facebook page we will moderate the page with strict attention and any inappropriate posts will be terminated immediately and it’s author removed accordingly.

Our campaign is about putting an end to bad behaviour and that extends to the SACK VILE KYLE facebook page; if you can’t behave don’t request to join.

@SackVileKylefb (twitter)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Open letter to 2DayFm sponsors

Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter have revolutionised the way ordinary people are making their voices heard, with hundreds, thousands and even millions of others users across the globe being informed in virtually seconds of a tweet or Facebook comment on any given subject. With the aid of this instantaneous and simple method of communication Sack Vile Kyle was able to gather and empower large numbers of men and women who opposed the appalling behaviour of Kyle Sandilands and express outrage towards (otherwise reputable) sponsors associating their brand name with this unsavoury character.

After Kyle Sandilands’s personal attacks against a popular Australian journalist, a number of Australians used these methods and called on advertisers and sponsors of the Kyle & Jackie O show and take 40 Australia to change their marketing strategies and disassociate themselves from Kyle’s vulgar behaviours and remove their marketing dollars from Kyle’s shows. From this call to action there was a mass exodus of 68 sponsors, the most recent being weight loss giant Jenny Craig, who abandoned sponsorship. Theirs was a smart move, redeeming themselves to their customers and minimising any damage (to their reputation) that such a bad association can bring to a company’s good name. Are you willing to risk your reputation by riding on the train wreck that is Kyle Sandilands?


Media Release 17th Jan 2012

In November and December 2011, after Kyle Sandilands’s personal attacks against a popular Australian journalist, a number of Australians banded together via social media and called on advertisers and sponsors of the Kyle & Jackie O show and take 40 Australia to change their marketing strategies and disassociate themselves from Kyle’s vulgar behaviours and remove their marketing dollars from Kyle’s shows. Over 65 companies responded to these calls including major brands such as Holden Woolworths, Ford, Telstra, Toyota and Vodafone.

On January 16th 2012 Jenny Australia (formally Jenny Craig Australia) announced that they would be major sponsors for 2dayFm and the Kyle and Jackie O show in 2012. The backlash to this was immediate. Utilising social media such as Facebook, Twitter and BlogSpot, SACK VILE KYLE, Collective Shout and change.org called into action hundreds of Australians who were outraged by the partnership of a respected company, whose entire existence is about supporting people and increasing their self esteem, with such an uncouth, sexist person.

Using examples of Kyle’s Daisy the Pig game, comments against former Jenny Craig spokespeople Magda Szubanski and Kate Dearaugo and the comments Kyle made on 23rd November 2011, Jenny was bombarded with phone calls, emails, tweets and Facebook comments from people expressing their repulsion of this partnership. Late last night Jenny posted on their Facebook site and twitter that they listened and were cancelling all sponsorship and advertising immediately.

Without the power this quick call to action and response from people all over Australia, Jenny would still be in partnership with a company that promotes violence against women and believes it is ok to laugh at make hurtful comments about a person’s weight.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Jenny Craig remove advertising

Tonight Jenny Craig issued a statement on their Facebook account saying they made a mistake and have asked Austereo to remove their advertising. Great work everyone and thank you to Jenny Craig for listening!!!

Jenny Craig "One thing about Jenny Craig is that we listen. We listen, we understand and we make an enormous effort to walk in the shoes of others.

We badly misjudged public perception of Kyle Sandilands. We have taken what has been said seriously. Mel B has happily been part of the 2DAY FM Breakfast show for the better part of last year. Our intention was to support our ambassador in her broader media role.

We feel sorry we have offended so many people, underestimated the sentiment against Kyle and are clearly upset that we made such a mistake. We have instructed 2DAY FM that our advertising is to be discontinued on the Kyle & Jackie O show, and the rest of their schedule immediately." https://www.facebook.com/jennycraigausnz

2012 Sponsors

2012 sponsors
(as at 5th Feb 2012)
This list is of CONFIRMED sponsors so far for 2012. This list will updated as more sponsors are either confirmed or advertising is removed.  Links will be added for Facebook and twitter soon

  1. Anz Stadium https://www.facebook.com/anzstadium?sk=wall
  2. Auslotto Austereo: https://www.facebook.com/SouthernCrossAustereo?sk=wall&filter=12 @SCrossAustereo
  3. Australian Financial Review (Fairfax media) @financialreview
  4. Avondale Funerals
  5. Baby Mum-mum www.babymummum.com.au
  6. Biggest Loser Singles - Southern Cross Ten
  7. Biosculpture http://www.biosculpture.com.au/
  8. Bridal Expo Sydney www.ultimatebridalevent.com.au; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stroudevents
  9. Brother Labels
  10. Brydons Compensation Lawyers www.brydons.com.au/# 1800 848 848 or 96012444
  11. Budget car rental https://www.budget.com.au/contact_us/default.aspx
  12. Cancer Institute NSW’s https://www.facebook.com/cancerNSW
  13. Castletowers (possible 3rd party) @CastleTowers https://www.facebook.com/CastleTowers?v=wall&viewas=0
  14. Channel 7 - http://www.facebook.com/Sunrise @natalie_barr @kochie_online @grantdenyer @melissadoyle @sunriseon7
  15. Centro Bankstown
  16. Concept33
  17. Dalani https://www.dalani.com.au/help.php?section=contactus&mode=update
  18. Dial an Angel
  19. Disneyland (possible 3rd party) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Disneyland-Resort/132596790123381 @disneyresorts
  20. Dodo https://www.facebook.com/dodoaustralia?sk=wall
  21. Emirates https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emirates-Airlines/258273348778 this could be dodgy -emirates
  22. Facial Rejuvination http://www.facialrejuvenation.com.au    mailto:info@facialrejuvenation.com.au
  23. Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane  https://www.facebook.com/QAGOMA?v=wall
  24. Georgina Walker Psychic to the Stars  http://www.georginawalker.com/home.htm
  25. Googleads http://www.facebook.com/GoogleAdSense @googleadsense
  26. Hotdollar.com.au http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001807010356
  27. IcanQuit (possible 3rd party)
  28. IG Markets http://www.facebook.com/pages/IG-Markets/310641172293500 @IG_Markets
  29. Iselect mailto:info@iselect.com.au
  30. Jacksons on George (3rd party) http://www.facebook.com/jacksonsongeorge
  31. Little Do'er http://www.homesolutions.com.au/SupplierSite.asp?bid=320
  32. Matador
  33. Masterton Homes www.facebook.com/MastertonHomes
  34. Make Up Technicians School of Make Up www.discovermakeup.com.au
  35. Medibank http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.medibank.com.au%2FAbout-Us%2FContact-Us.aspxv&h=DAQFHctDKAQGJW15xDHygH_xYIoor5Ayeqp7INXsUPx-DEg
  36. Melbourne Inst. Tech. MIT Diploma. www.facebook.com/MIT.Australia www.mit.edu.au/gov
  37. MFAA - Mortgage and Finance Assoc Aust. http://www.mfaa.com.au/contactus.asp?menuid=166
  38. Moonlight Cinema https://www.facebook.com/moonlightcinemasydney
  39. Multitrip www.facebook.com/multitrip
  40. Nando’s in cross promotion with Coca Cola and Contiki Tours                               Nandos https://www.facebook.com/nandosaus?sk=wall&filter=1 Coca Cola http://www.facebook.com/CocaColaAustralia
  41. No Gaps Dental www.nogapsdental.com
  42. One 55 https://www.facebook.com/ONE55healthandfitness
  43. Plush Sofas http://www.plush.com.au/footer/contact-us
  44. Progressive Car Insurance http://www.progressiveonline.com.au/?code=9002802764&gclid=COG4vILK1K0CFSdKpgodCwIMmA
  45. Proton https://www.facebook.com/pages/Proton-Cars-Australia/112192208853159
  46. QuiBids https://www.facebook.com/quibids
  47. Radar Radio http://www.facebook.com/radarontheradio
  48. Renault vehicles Contact Us page: www.renault.com.ay/contact_us.html
  49. Revolution
  50. Rooty Hill RSL Contact Us page: http://rootyhillrsl.com.au/contact-us.html
  51. Royal Umbrella rice https://www.facebook.com/groups/Roy.Umb.Jas.Rice/
  52. Sandhurst Fine Foods (3rd party) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sandhurst-Fine-Foods/142650015763173?sk=wall&filter=12
  53. Smilebox http://www.facebook.com/smilebox
  54. Subaru @Subaru_Active
  55. Summer Mushrooms http://www.facebook.com/mushroomloversclub?sk=wall
  56. Telechoice
  57. Thailovelinks.com (3rd party)
  58. Tiger Airways  Twitter http://twitter.com/TigerAirwaysAUS or http://www.tigerairways.com/au/en/contact_us.php
  59. Toshiba http://www.facebook.com/ToshibaANZ
  60. UTS Insert www.insert.edu.au 
  61. Virgin Australia https://www.facebook.com/virginaustralia?sk=wall
  62. Whistleout http://www.facebook.com/WhistleOut?sk=wall (you'll have to post under one of their posts, they don't allow wall posts) @WhistleOut
  63. 2day FM @Hot30Countdown @hamishandandy @fifiandjules @kyleandjackieo @2DayFMSydney