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We are a group of people petitioning sponsors, advertisers and shareholders to get Kyle off the radio and TV due to his disgusting comments. Contact us at sack_vile_kyle@hotmail.com

Friday, January 20, 2012

Media Statement 20th Jan 2012

Following a headline article in Sydney’s Morning Herald newspaper SACK VILE KYLE has received an overwhelming number of requests from people wanting to join our Facebook page and our campaign to help bring Kyle Sandiiland’s employment with 2DayFm and Southern Cross Austereo to a close. We have had several media reporters contact us from local newspapers to current affairs programs all wanting to know about us and our ongoing campaign.

We are a small group who has had some impact so far, and although we are happy to speak to the media, we are not interested in making a name for ourselves as a result of this campaign. Membership numbers have virtually doubled, going from 60 to over 140 in a matter of hours. The response has been astounding. We are both overwhelmed and elated at the number of people who have shown interest in coming on board and helping us with the task at hand.
We wish to thank everyone for their comments, requests and welcome them as part of our team. However we need to remind everyone, media reporters and members alike that here at SACK VILE KYLE we will not tolerate anyone who makes derogatory comments against anyone else. We also take no responsibility for anyone’s actions outside the SACK VILE KYLE facebook page and/or any misrepresentation of our group or inappropriate comments posted on other sites (in particular to sponsors of SCA) without our knowledge and consent.

As administrators of this SACK VILE KYLE facebook page we will moderate the page with strict attention and any inappropriate posts will be terminated immediately and it’s author removed accordingly.

Our campaign is about putting an end to bad behaviour and that extends to the SACK VILE KYLE facebook page; if you can’t behave don’t request to join.

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  1. Great work girls! Thanks for doing this. Please note paragraph 3 "it's" is "its", no apostrophe.

  2. For commercial reasons, I really can't join your group, but, believe me, I wish you all success. Whilst the Vile One really deserves to be sent to Coventry, there are a decent number of other facets of our media in Australia that deserve black-listing. My hope is your campaign will encourage others to take on some of the c..p that passes for media in this country and force decent standards on the sector. Perhaps after the Vile One (and his gormless offsider) are banished, attantion might be turned to the so-called "Footie Shows", those Network 9 temples of misogyny.

  3. Thanks guys :)
    1thing at a time, once we have achieved this goal we will decide where to (if anywhere) next. But your support means a lot to us!!