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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Media Release 17th Jan 2012

In November and December 2011, after Kyle Sandilands’s personal attacks against a popular Australian journalist, a number of Australians banded together via social media and called on advertisers and sponsors of the Kyle & Jackie O show and take 40 Australia to change their marketing strategies and disassociate themselves from Kyle’s vulgar behaviours and remove their marketing dollars from Kyle’s shows. Over 65 companies responded to these calls including major brands such as Holden Woolworths, Ford, Telstra, Toyota and Vodafone.

On January 16th 2012 Jenny Australia (formally Jenny Craig Australia) announced that they would be major sponsors for 2dayFm and the Kyle and Jackie O show in 2012. The backlash to this was immediate. Utilising social media such as Facebook, Twitter and BlogSpot, SACK VILE KYLE, Collective Shout and change.org called into action hundreds of Australians who were outraged by the partnership of a respected company, whose entire existence is about supporting people and increasing their self esteem, with such an uncouth, sexist person.

Using examples of Kyle’s Daisy the Pig game, comments against former Jenny Craig spokespeople Magda Szubanski and Kate Dearaugo and the comments Kyle made on 23rd November 2011, Jenny was bombarded with phone calls, emails, tweets and Facebook comments from people expressing their repulsion of this partnership. Late last night Jenny posted on their Facebook site and twitter that they listened and were cancelling all sponsorship and advertising immediately.

Without the power this quick call to action and response from people all over Australia, Jenny would still be in partnership with a company that promotes violence against women and believes it is ok to laugh at make hurtful comments about a person’s weight.


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  1. Keep up the good work! I think that 2dayFM and the advertisers assume that listeners have incredibly short attention spans, and will quickly forget about the controversy, either when some new issue arises or another media commentator makes a gaffe. It's up to the public to ensure that the media and advertisers are held both responsible and accountable for their behaviour. It's unacceptable for them to make a quick 'mea culpa' statement, and then continue to carry on in the same manner. But we only have ourselves to blame if we accept this kind of corporate behaviour by continue to buy their products.