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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Response to A Holler's Comment

A Response to A Holler’s Comment Published here

By Chris Sherlock

AH : You have put forward a valid case for the removal of Mr Sandilands.  

CS: Not only valid, but sound! 

AH: I wonder if you realise that a number of Mr Holleran's family members are school teachers (one a principal and two others leading teachers).  I wonder if you also realise that he has children himself and a large number of nieces, nephews and cousins.  He is not ignorant of the concerns you raise and I believe that you have demonstrated a lack of imagination and empathy with regard to Mr Holleran's field of experience.

CS: This is using a rhetorical technique and logical fallacy known as "argument from authority".  It is a fallacy because while Mr Holleran's family members may be school teachers, it is largely irrelevant to the arguments being put forward.  Mr Holleran is not, in fact, a teacher.  While he may have children himself, he cannot claim ultimate authority on the teaching and raising of children.  Whatever arguments that he has publicly stated, the facts of his person do not make your case.  

What is somewhat infuriating is the claim that there is a lack of "imagination" and "empathy".  One wonders why imagination is required in understanding that the disabled babies and children should not be subjected to mocking and exploitation, as Kyle Sandilands exhibited when he strapped a 14 year old girl to a lie detector to subject her to questions about her sex life and later blatantly (and over the protests of his colleagues) mocked the deformed baby of a Pakistani couple.  I might remind the poster that Kyle Sandilands called this child "spider baby".  There was not much empathy displayed by the station when he made his "joke".  I fear that the lack of empathy did not come from Roz Allardice, but rather from those who sanction and defend the right of Kyle Sandilands to make vile remarks about other people's misfortune!

AH: As a teacher, I don't see how leaders in the Australian media have the same responsibility as schools do to educate and protect our students.  Their core business is about communication and satisfying shareholders, which diverges significantly from our core business of literacy and numeracy.  

CS: This argument appears to be that only teachers have a responsibility towards protecting children.  This shows a fundamental and disturbing lack of understanding of ethical behaviour.  While 2DayFM's "core business is about communication and satisfying shareholders", it most certainly does NOT mean that they abrogate their responsibilities to the society within which they broadcast their programs.  I also find it remarkable that a teacher would consider that the only core business of teaching is "numeracy and literacy".  Most teachers would disagree that this is the sole function of schools.  Compassion, a duty of care and an ability to nurture the children under their care are a fundamental part of an effective education system.  Without this, learning is significantly hampered and the quality of life of young people is significantly impaired.  

AH: I would also like to point out that Mr Sandilands' behaviour towards women is fairly typical of Australian males with a similar intellect and maturity as Mr Sandilands.

CS: I challenge this. Mr Sandiland's sexist and mysoginistic behaviour is NOT typical of the average Australian male.  Most males do not want to "shut the mouth" of female journalists.  Only a small minority would ever utter in public that "you haven't got that much titty to be wearing that low cut a blouse.  Watch your mouth, girl, or I will hunt you down. It is disgusting and horrid to think that you have such a low opinion of your fellow countrymen, and is completely inaccurate.  

AH: I ask you, how do your students learn to stand up to bullying of the kind you describe?  How do any of us teach students how to manage challenging situations and maintain their own power?  Without training in resilience, removing Mr Sandilands (and other periodically offensive media personalities - Sam Newman, Eddie McGuire, Alan Jones), people never learn how to deal with the type of antisocial Mr Sandilands indulges in.

CS: The question asserts that in order to allow students to "manage challenging situations" they must listen to abuse on commercial radio.  What absurdity!  To take the argument to its absurd conclusions, one must believe that in order to reduce antisocial behaviour one must have prominent figures undertake antisocial behaviour.

Additional Details of ACMA Investigation

ACMA ARE INVESTIGATING 2DAY FM FOR ALLEGED BREACH OF The Additional condition on commercial radio broadcasting licence No 3032 under subsection 43(1) of the Broadcast Services Act 1992

ACMA has decided to investigate a complaint against relevant paragraphs of said mentioned additional licence condition. The first additional condition was imposed on 2DayFM on the 3rd March 2010 and is to cease effect 3 years after the initial date of effect. This came about after Kyle Sandilands asked a minor live on air about her sex life to which she admitted to being uncomfortable being interviewed and that she had been raped.

The latest alleged breach relates to one of the news segments broadcast on the Kyle & Jackie O show on the 20th April 2012. The comments made were in relation to a baby born with a genetic defect that resulted in him having four extra limbs. Kyle Sandilands described baby Umar Farooq as ‘Spider Baby’.


Despite his co-workers pleading (at least initially) with him to stop and the flashing lights, bells and whistles (that were actually audible to the listener) Kyle continued to make derogative and inflammatory comments in relation to this child.

Indeed Kyle was mocking the measures put in place by Austereo – For example the flashing light system – Imagine it going to the Olympics and you look next to you and there’s spider baby [makes spider noises]. And you think: I’ve got no chance. Trust me, being up against spider baby [makes high-pitched spider noises]. Oh there’s the flashing red light - Babies might write a letter, I’d better shut up … [puts on high-pitched voice] ‘I’m a baby that also has a strange leg, so I took great offence.’

After being told to ‘Move on’ by Jackie O a mother herself, Gemma and Jackie O burst into fits of giggles (while Kyle was continually making spider noises) to the point that they had to go off air and cut to an Ad!

This incident occurred only 24 days after the (27th March 2012) when ACMA began formal steps to impose it’s second licence condition on 2Day FM, finding they had breached the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice 2011 (the codes) AGAIN after Kyle Sandilands indecent and offensive comments about a female journalist (22nd November 2011). In essence ACMA gave the licensee a ‘Notice of intention to impose an additional licence condition.’

In response to this incident, 2DayFM indicated that it had introduced several safeguards, including

  • Instructing Kyle Sandilands and his management of the sort of remarks that are unacceptable and must not be repeated.
  • Extending the broadcast delay for the program from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Installing a warning light in Sydney (and LA) to allow production staff and content advisors to notify announcers when content may be of concern.

On May 16th 2012 ACMA officially handed down it’s final ruling on it’s latest investigation into Kyle Sandilands whereby ALL content broadcast by 2DayFM for 5 years must not offend generally accepted standards of decency, having regard to the demographic characteristics of the audience of the relevant program.

A statement followed from Southern Cross Austereo CEO, Rhys Holleran said, “Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) acknowledges today’s decision by ACMA and is reviewing all available options. SCA finds the decision broad reaching and its lengthy term unprecedented. SCA believes ACMA has not fully taken into consideration the extensive processes and procedures that the business has taken upon itself to implement with regards to comments made by Kyle Sandilands on 22 November 2011.”

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ACMA Investigate Kyle Sandilands Again

We at SVK are pleased with ACMA's decision today to investigate Kyle Sandiland's recent on air comments. (20th April 2012) http://debritz.net/audio/kjobaby.mp3

We believe that the recent measures put in place by Austereo are not working - as evidenced by Kyle's mocking behaviour when the flashing lights first came on.

Numerous attempts have been made to 'rebrand' Kyle, including the segment ‘Kyle and Jackie O Give back’, the recent appearance on Price is Right, The Kissing Booth etc etc these have clearly fallen short. Kyle aims to shock and he delivers. HOWEVER public sentiment is changing. We no longer want the Nasty Judge, the Bully influencing our children. This is evidenced by the recent popularity of shows like The Voice.

Kyle’s most recent transgression is potentially a breach of the additional licensing condition introduced in 2010 to ensure that care of children is taken during Kyle and Jackie O broadcasts. S22 43(1), 1 (b) and 2 (b) have been implemented to ensure that children are not identifiable, exploited nor humiliated for entertainment purposes.

Licensing Condition 4 (a), (b), & (c) refer to the training programs that were implemeted in response to the ‘rape incident’ of 2010. May we remind you that Kyle Sandilands was suspended at this time.

These conditions were supposed to ensure that all children used in broadcasts were sufficiently protected.

Indeed all members of 2Day FM staff and contractors connected with the program were required to undertake training in this regard.

It is apparent to us that this training has not protected baby Umar Farooq from exploitation nor humiliation.

Nor has it ensured that generally accepted standards of common decency have been employed.

At SVK we are concerned about the negative influence Kyle Sandilands is having upon his listeners and society at large and we welcome ACMA's investigation of this licence breach against this child