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We are a group of people petitioning sponsors, advertisers and shareholders to get Kyle off the radio and TV due to his disgusting comments. Contact us at sack_vile_kyle@hotmail.com

Friday, January 13, 2012


(via twitter) OPSM OPSM
@SackVileKylefb OPSM believes in promoting positive messages in the media. We’ve acted today to ensure this is reflected in our advertising. ( @OPSM http://www.facebook.com/OPSMAU )

(Via facebook) Mazda Australia Thanks for bringing that to our attention Josie, we had requested all advertising be pulled from the show. We are correcting this oversight as we speak and it should be gone soon. Thanks again, Luke (http://www.facebook.com/mazdaaus?sk=wall @MazdaAus )

Kia Australia Just an update; we're communicating to our agency that the banners be removed. Will update you soon. Thanks again for bringing it to our attention :) http://www.facebook.com/KiaAustralia

Warner Bros. Movie World - Gold Coast, Australia Hello, Thank you for your comment. Our advertisements did indeed appear on the 2Day FM website, however this is in no way a direct endorsement of Kyle Sandilands or his program. The ads in question have now been removed http://www.facebook.com/movieworldgoldcoast

Jenny Craig "One thing about Jenny Craig is that we listen. We listen, we understand and we make an enormous effort to walk in the shoes of others.
We badly misjudged public perception of Kyle Sandilands. We have taken what has been said seriously. Mel B has happily been part of the 2DAY FM Breakfast show for the better part of last year. Our intention was to support our ambassador in her broader media role.
We feel sorry we have offended so many people, underestimated the sentiment against Kyle and are clearly upset that we made such a mistake. We have instructed 2DAY FM that our advertising is to be discontinued on the Kyle & Jackie O show, and the rest of their schedule immediately." https://www.facebook.com/jennycraigausnz

ING DIRECT Australia Hi, we do not have any advertisements on this webpage - they were all removed. @INGDIRECTAUS @CEO_INGDIRECTAU http://www.facebook.com/INGDIRECTAUS

SEA WORLD - Hi Melanie, No we dont advertise with his show http://www.facebook.com/seaworldgoldcoast

Westpoint Shopping Centre wrote: "Hi Kate, This generic ad randomly appears throughout the Today FM website. We are currently in the process of getting it removed from the Kyle and Jackie O homepage. Thanks for the heads up tho :)"  https://www.facebook.com/westpointblacktown

Commonwealth Bank http://www.facebook.com/commonwealthbank @CommBank @JassyOakley Thanks very much for your comment Jas. Commonwealth Bank does not advertise on the Kyle and Jackie O program.

StyleTrend have requested their media buyers not use 2dayfm We received some feedback yesterday about StyleTread display ads that were on the Kyle and Jackie O webpage and we're sorry if that was offensive to anyone. StyleTread aren't actively advertising or targeting that site.
 To get a little technical (because its not quite straight-forward) our web advertising is through various networks of display ad publishers, which then in turn feature our ads on w...ebsites that subscribe to those publishers. What this means is that we are not able to control or exclude certain sites within a publishers network - this is an automatic 3rd party process. We have requested that publisher to exclude this site if possible and have also excluded that site on another network on which we have more control.
Thank you for your feedback and we will keep an active watch on this.
Happy regards, Alex, Customer Happiness Manager

William Blue College of Hospitality http://www.facebook.com/wbcollege
Car History www.facebook.com/carhistory?sk=wall  CarHistory.com.au can confirm that we are not advertising on any radio programs fronted by Kyle Sandilands. We have been made aware in recent days that a banner promoting CarHistory.com.au had appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O webpage as part of a wider promotion. This was not intentional on our behalf and we have been assured by the station that this will no longer appear. We appreciate the ongoing interest and concern that is being shown on this issue
The Art Gallery of NSW has postponed advertising on the Kyle and Jackie O show. The Southern Cross Austereo network is a partner of the Picasso Exhibition and as part of the agreement we receive advertising across their programs nationwide.... Because it is a sponsorship arrangement, the Gallery does not dictate when and where announcements are scheduled. The network has been a supporter of the current Picasso exhibition, for which we are grateful. However, given the current situation, the Art Gallery of NSW has postponed advertising for the time being on the Today FM breakfast program.

Westpoint  Thanks for your message. We share your disappointment – we requested that the ads be removed from the Kyle and Jackie O page of the 2DayFM website and unfortunately this has not occurred.
We have been advised that 2DayFM are still in the process of adjusting their web content as per our direction – please be assured we are in constant contact with our advertising team to get this resolved as a priority.

We hope to see you back in the Centre sometime soon. Thanks again from the Westpoint team

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  1. Good on your campaign. Keep it up!