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We are a group of people petitioning sponsors, advertisers and shareholders to get Kyle off the radio and TV due to his disgusting comments. Contact us at sack_vile_kyle@hotmail.com

Friday, January 13, 2012

Open letter to media personalities

As someone who is a respected media personality, we at Sack Vile Kyle need your support.

As you know following his latest vitriolic attack on a female journalist, Kyle Sandilands continues to provide his employers with more shock than jock. Indeed this man’s deplorable excuse for entertainment has led to public outcry on social media networks Facebook and Twitter, and has spurred the rise of a petition securing over 32,000 signatures from angry Australians demanding the radio station 2dayfm clean up the public air waves and “Sack Vile Kyle.” But Southern Cross Austereo is oblivious to the power... of public pressure refusing to accept that this man’s reign of vulgarity has run its course with decent people simply fed up with this monster’s personal and threatening assaults on innocent and unsuspecting human beings. Surely at some point common sense and decency must prevail? Yet it seems that SCA remains unmoved by the mass exodus of 68 major sponsors who have withdrawn their advertising campaigns from 2dayfm in 2011 of which 28 have pledged to continue their boycott into 2012 banning station from running their advertisements on the Kyle & Jackie O show and website.

The list of public violations by Kyle Sandilands would rival that of any child’s to Santa. He recently shed kilos in preparation for his return to radio, but already the public is asking “has he shed the attitude?” We think not! Kyle Sandilands may try to curb his tongue but this man is in serious need of anger management and it will take more than a slap on the wrist and a well rehearsed apology by Austereo to convince the public that he is worth keeping “on air”.

Kyle Sandilands is by no means the first, nor will he be the last of notorious radio “shock jock” personalities but in the words of popular song lyric, if “video killed the radio star” then just think how much damage such radio star’s can cost its sponsors if its listeners turn to social media to vent their disgust? But it’s not just the public there have been many media personalities in the past, who have expressed disgust at Kyle’s appalling behaviour, and who are as equally perplexed as to how or why Kyle is allowed to get away with it, time and time and time again?

If you're not afraid of being called a “fat slag” or threatened that he may “hunt you down” please speak up against this type of inexcusable behaviour and help us in our campaign to keep the entertainment industry clear of moving violations such as Kyle Sandilands. It’s people like you who can influence those who choose to condone Kyle’s antics. As a respected media personality of good character and admirable following please let it be known (by adding your name or comments below, retweeting this message or any other public acknowledgement of your disgust at Kyle's behaviour) and help send the message that you won’t sit back quietly and allow this man to ruin an industry that deserves better! We need more people like you, not more vile like Kyle types!
Twitter - @SackVileKylefb

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  1. Kudos to you for this much needed, long overdue initiative. Kyle Sandilands is a vacuous, bogan, nouveau riche moron who's complete lack of artistic substance is only exceeded by his pathetic EQ. And this is coming from me, a red-blooded male who loves his fair share of locker-room humour !!! KS is a dreg of Aussie society and symbolic of the meaningless and shallow values that is a frightening representation of segments of modern Aussie culture. Get him and that equally useless trash Jacqui O out of the public forum, and lets get some quality performers on.