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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ACMA Investigate Kyle Sandilands Again

We at SVK are pleased with ACMA's decision today to investigate Kyle Sandiland's recent on air comments. (20th April 2012)

We believe that the recent measures put in place by Austereo are not working - as evidenced by Kyle's mocking behaviour when the flashing lights first came on.

Numerous attempts have been made to 'rebrand' Kyle, including the segment ‘Kyle and Jackie O Give back’, the recent appearance on Price is Right, The Kissing Booth etc etc these have clearly fallen short. Kyle aims to shock and he delivers. HOWEVER public sentiment is changing. We no longer want the Nasty Judge, the Bully influencing our children. This is evidenced by the recent popularity of shows like The Voice.

Kyle’s most recent transgression is potentially a breach of the additional licensing condition introduced in 2010 to ensure that care of children is taken during Kyle and Jackie O broadcasts. S22 43(1), 1 (b) and 2 (b) have been implemented to ensure that children are not identifiable, exploited nor humiliated for entertainment purposes.

Licensing Condition 4 (a), (b), & (c) refer to the training programs that were implemeted in response to the ‘rape incident’ of 2010. May we remind you that Kyle Sandilands was suspended at this time.

These conditions were supposed to ensure that all children used in broadcasts were sufficiently protected.

Indeed all members of 2Day FM staff and contractors connected with the program were required to undertake training in this regard.

It is apparent to us that this training has not protected baby Umar Farooq from exploitation nor humiliation.

Nor has it ensured that generally accepted standards of common decency have been employed.

At SVK we are concerned about the negative influence Kyle Sandilands is having upon his listeners and society at large and we welcome ACMA's investigation of this licence breach against this child

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