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Saturday, February 4, 2012

4th February statement - 100 sponsors withdrawn

On 16th January 2012 Kyle Sandilands returned to his radio program, the Kyle and Jackie O show, which airs during the much coveted breakfast period reaching millions of Australians on a daily basis. His audience includes young children and teenagers getting ready for school. These impressionable young minds are regularly confronted with discussions on sex acts, murdering transsexuals, as well as Kyle's insults directed toward any female who is carrying extra weight (including his co-host).
In November 2011 these young minds were also subjected to Kyle's rants against an online journalist which included the threat "watch your mouth girl or I will hunt you down". This is not the first time Kyle has threatened a female journalist. In 2006 Kyle stated that he would hire a private investigator to film a pregnant journalist’s family and post it on the Internet. Further to this, in 2007 during an interview with Andrew Denton, Kyle stated he wanted to punch a certain Australian comedian "in the throat". Kyle Sandilands has a continuous history of verbal assaults and threats of violence against people HE sees have done him wrong.
After the November verbal assault and threats and the December 2011 discussion on "killing the trannie", a dedicated group of Australians came together and decided enough was enough. We no longer want our kids to be around other kids who think it’s ok to call someone fat and threaten violence. We do not want our daughters dating boys who think it’s ok to "hunt you down" if our daughters disagree with them. We do not want our sexually and emotionally developing teenagers to think that there is anything wrong with being lesbian or gay, we don't want them to judge bisexual or transgender people, we don't want them to think that it is okay to "kill the trannie".

In the past two months the SACK VILE KYLE campaign has been contacting Austereo’s sponsors and we are pleased to announce that 100 businesses have now withdrawn all financial backing of the Kyle and Jackie O show. The SACK VILE KYLE campaign has persuaded them that advertising on the award winning, popular radio program (and therefore contributing to Kyle's multimillion dollar wage) is not ethical business practice. These companies understand that by advertising on the Kyle and Jackie O show they are supporting this behaviour. They have chosen not to.

Recently the following companies have been contacted via email, twitter and Facebook, and have confirmed that they do not support Kyle Sandilands behaviour and have withdrawn advertising.
Carnival Cruises
Dede's Venues
Flight Centre
 King Furniture
Kmart Tyre and Auto
Name Necklace.com
Stockland Residential
Vitamin King

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