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We are a group of people petitioning sponsors, advertisers and shareholders to get Kyle off the radio and TV due to his disgusting comments. Contact us at sack_vile_kyle@hotmail.com

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Austereo sack scapgoats, protect Kyle

If Austereo are losing money and can not guarantee jobs they only have one person to blame for this. If Austereo had heeded the calls of tens of thousands of people in November and December last year, they would not have lost over $10 million in advertising revenue, they would not have had to use old sponsor advertisements. The aim of our campaign is to make it financially unviable to continue to employ Kyle Sandilands. This campaign is working, as evidenced by today’s article in The Australian; however we are ready, willing and able to stop the campaign as soon as Austereo or Kyle Sandilands announce Kyle’s parting from the radio. The departure of two successful, award winning executive directors of Austereo’s advertising agency is due to one person and one person only. We call upon Kyle Sandilands to do the right thing, take personal responsibility and remove himself from 2DayFm and Austereo before more people lose their jobs and livelihood over his remarks

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  1. I was searching for a traffic report and I couldnt believe my ears when yesterday morning (23/1/12) Vile Kyle stated if he ran a restaurant, it would have a cocaine shieke feel. Does this mean in Kyles word cocaine is cool. Again his message to young audiances is disturbing - He is just an all round revolting person

  2. This year Austereo has introduced a "traffic light" system to warn Kyle to shut up when he starts getting into dangerous territory (not sure how this will work since they are already meant to have a 7 second per-recording so that can dump or whatever if (when) he says something inappropriate, and obviously that isn't working) anyway they apparently had to use this traffic light system when he made the cocaine comment....